V-Scan is a document scanner and PDF Creator app - An Indian scanner app that provides you with more advanced scan options then what is available in the market. It provides the best enhanced tools to edit and manage documents. It is the portable Doc Scanner. This Doc scanner lets you scan your documents anytime anywhere with an ease of clicks.This contains the best features within the app which makes your document look more professional and helps you to customise on your desire.

Our Solution

Virim Infotech, the parent organization of V-Scan. They wanted to create the mobile appliation realted to document scanner with way best features and experience in scanning and editing the documents. We proposed them our best solutions in UI/UX Strategies and mobile app development. Started with studying the brief requirements and then our team of talented and experienced UX designers drafted the intiutive UX wireframes and then this wireframes went through long process of user-persona testing and on the final stage our designers gave the life to the wireframes with colors and best UI development.

V-scan the best document scanner

The Design Frames

UI designed by our talented team with lots of studies and testing on UX wireframes and user persona's

WOW Factor: UI Screens


We loved working for V-scan app and their team and felt pleasure serving them the best solutions of UI/UX designs and mobile app development from the best experienced team of designers and developers.

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