Itlicious is the fastest growing mobile food chain which serves the best food around the city with its authentic taste of spices, sauces and the drinking beverages. It has the local chef living its dream to fulfill the cravings of foodies around the city with it's new tongue twisters tangy taste in every menu available on the desk.

The Problem

As Itlicious was putting foot in the market they need the strong brand solution to portray their brand on each and every possible merchandise they have. Initially Itlicious only have the name but with the growing market they need the best Logo to make people remember the name with the delicious tangy taste.

Our Solution

We started with analysis on how they started Itlicious and we found initially itlicious used to sell only drinking beverages like Coffee and Tea and from there we got idea to create the logo with itlicious original touch that is tea and coffee. So we ideate on original touch of it and extracted the Coffee/Tea mug as its Logo. The different colors in the logo signifies the different types & taste in beverages. We also help them with our best branding and packaging solutions. We designed the packaging for each and every possible thing they serve on the go.

Itlicious Branding

Having the best colorful branded Logo of Itlicious serving delicious and colorful food as like its logo.

Coffee Disposable Mugs/Cups

Coffee & Tea Packets

Water Bottle

One of the most sleek and clean package design for the water bottle

Pizza Box

Itlicious Mobile Vehicle

Mobile vehicle which serves the delicous tasty food wandering around the city.

Chef Accessories

In conclusion

Creating the branding design had a large impact on the overall Itlicious brand. It helped them to gain more customers and to attract food lovers.

Our branding solution also fulfill their purpose to create the easy recognizable brand with merchandize and to be colorful as they serves different types of delicious tasty & colorful food.

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