Global ITP is the Software and cutting-edge IT services organization which provides the best software solutions in multiple technology domains. It has served many prominent and renowned clients by helping them by providing them the best software solutions for their challenges in the Healthcare and transportation industry.

The Problem

Global ITP wants to restructure and rebrand the old website with more modern and sleek look, They need the mobile responsive version of the website to make it more user friendly and to target more audience on the website.

Our Solution

We worked on our process to propose the new look and structure for the website. We started with analyzing the old website and to find the bad holes in the website making it as bad UX. We started with brainstorming the best ideas on minimal look and giving the fresh touch to the complete website by adding images to webpages and by cutting-down the non efficient content in order to give the precise knowledge to the vistors and to keep them engage with the site. We also created icons for every suitable services Global ITP is working on which made the services content more relatable and sleek. Color theme of the complete website was structured in a way to match with the Logo colors, To give the website a minimal and spacious look we use the white color as base and orange tint to touch up with the brand colors. Website is device responsive and elegantly work on every screen possible which makes it the best to target and gain the vistors.

Initial Design

We carried out design changes by giving up the minimal look to the header and banner section of the home screen.

Theme color Palette

We took the core colors from the logo and made the color palette accordingly to keep the natural essence as it was in the old website.

Web Pages

Responsive view

Design is device responsive with the elegance and sleek look.


On conclusion we provided Global ITP the best Rebranding solutions for their old website and transformed the into the best minimal, sleek, device responsive & elegant website for their valuable vistors.

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